Interactive Voice Response

IVR Service

Interactive Voice Response service for better ROI 

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is an automated calling system in which a virtual receptionist answers the call giving the caller a menu to select their query from and then connecting the caller to one of your agents according to the demand of the caller.

An IVR service makes it easy for your customers to find solutions to their queries right on their phone. Set up an IVR service for your business today itself. It takes even less than 3-minutes! We provide you with a modular and scalable platform to suit the requirements of your enterprise. Our IVR services will help you reach a large audience in their regional language to create a personal touch.


24x7 Customer Support

With IVR, you can provide your customers with a way to connect with your business at any hour of the day. When customers call on your IVR number, they can choose from the options available in your IVR menu. 

Based on customer’s inputs, the IVR service automatically routes the calls to the relevant person in your team. And if the agents are not available, customers are provided with an option to leave a voice message so that your agents can get back to them once they come online. 

With an IVR number, your business stays up 24*7 and that’s the route to greater customer satisfaction, improvising brand loyalty.

Customized Greetings

Customer experience and branding play an important role in making a business successful. With an IVR service, you can attain both; customer experience as well as branding. 

Under the IVR menu, you can set up personalized customer greetings. When your customer will call you, they will hear something like “Welcome to [Your Business Name]. Let us know how we can help you.” IVR service makes your business support system work like a breeze providing your customers with the luxury to connect with you in seconds. 

An IVR service means timely customer support which is one of the most important factors of better customer experience as well as your brand image in the minds of customers.

Level Up Productivity

With the help of a smart IVR menu, a huge pile of customer queries can be handled with automation. Thanks to the input handling capabilities of IVR, primary information required to provide support like customer name, customer ID, phone number, etc. can be taken care of without any need of agents. 

By the time the call is routed to a real support agent, all this information is already available on their screen. IVR services make sure that 100% time of your support agents is spent in solving real customer problems rather than performing redundant tasks like collecting name, phone number, and email address of the customers.

Handle Large Call Volumes

IVR enables even small support teams to handle large numbers of customer calls by independently dealing with incoming queries and smartly routing calls to the right person in the right department. 

For example, if a customer wants to check only the balance in the account, this task can be automated with IVR without bothering the support agents. If a customer needs help with a product, her call can be transferred to the relevant agent in the support department. If the call is for help with billing, it can be routed to the sales team, all with the help of an IVR service. 

A cloud-based IVR service automates a large part of the call handling process making it possible to take care of any number of calls.

Turn Callers Into Customers

An efficient IVR service can also work as a good sales channel too. And with the help of a custom IVR menu, you can use the IVR service as a lead generation channel along with live support. 

On your IVR number, you can ask callers a series of questions and qualified callers can be connected with the sales agents. With IVR calls, you can partly automate the process of interacting with new prospects, converting your first-time callers into customers. 

The delicate balance between technology and the human touch provided by an IVR service makes it a unique channel for customer interaction lead conversion.

Why Choose Us For IVR Service?

At SMS Indori, we ensure a round-the-clock support for all the customers. We treat every call as an opportunity to solve a problem of our customers and strengthen our relationships. That’s how we won and continue to maintain the faith that 6000+ companies bestow upon us for their business calls management. 

As an RP Indori customer, you will be entitled to our premier customer care, 24*7. Whenever you need any technical help, need to add a new feature, or need any help regarding your IVR number, you can always call us toll-free at (number) and our customer support team will be there to help you and provide you with a solution.

  • Track live calls and see real time call statistics
  • Record all your IVR calls on a secured cloud
  • Get customer details and history on screen
  • Work from anywhere with Cloud-based portable IVR number
  • IVR options to personalise your process
  • Call insights with daily, weekly, and monthly call analytics